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About iсest

Ministry of education of Irkutsk region
The regional state educational institution of high professional education
“The Irkutsk College of economics, service and tourism”(ICEST)

664049, Russia, Irkutsk region, Irkutsk, st. Bagration, 50
A branch of the College: 665806, Russia, Irkutsk region, Angarsk, st. Kirov, 38

(3952)46-80-01, ircolest@mail.ruwww.ircolest.irk.ru

The state accreditation certificate № 2738, 29.12.2014
The license for the right of education activities № 7220, 26.11.2014


Natalia Kudinova
The principal
The well-qualified specialist of The Russian professional education

  • The best regional educational institution of professional education-2012
  • The best regional educational institution of professional education-2012
  • A winner and awardee of professional and social creative competitions and projects of regional levels
  • The winner of X and XII the best student hostel competitions in Irkutsk
  • The constant participant of professional exhibitions, educational forum of Angara region

ICEST offers the educational programs:

  • secondary vocational education (includes secondary education), basic and higher level;
  • primary professional education (includes secondary education), basic level;
  • professional training for the students with special needs;
  • additional education and training in all spheres of offered license activity.

The College offers to get multilevel education in specialties and professions in the spheres of economics, service and tourism:


  • tourism
  • banking
  • law and organization of social security
  • documentation management and archival studies
  • postal communication
  • hairdressing
  • insurance
  • processing of digital information
  • economics and accounting
  • operator sewing equipment
  • cutter
  • hairdresser
  • bank сontroller (operator)


Irkutsk College of Economics, Service and Tourism was established in March 04, 2009, by the reorganization of two educational institutions: Irkutsk vocational school № 38 and Irkutsk College of Law, Finance and Communication. In 2010, a new College was reorganized with joining of Angarsk vocational school № 37. Nowadays a branch of our College in Angarsk is created on the basis of Angarsk vocational school № 37. Throughout the history, the College is famous for the best approach to learning, advanced communications with the outside world: in the 80's. it was the only institution of secondary professional education in the Irkutsk region, which has been established international relations (Mongolia).Our educational organization is more than 60 years.

The staff consists of PhDs, post-graduates, teachers of the highest and the first qualification category; the winners and the awardees of professional and pedagogical contests. Also the teachers from Universities and social partners give the lectures for college students.


The College is famous for its graduates, among them more than 10% receive diplomas with honors, and over 50 % higher rank. Almost 70% of graduates employ in their specialties, the others continue their education in secondary and higher educational institutions.

In order to improve the quality of vocational education and realize international and network communication. There act following centres:
  • the center of additional education "Profession+" conducts the additional trainings (courses, training, retraining) of citizens in various spheres;
  • the regional resource center in the sphere of service and tourism conducts seminars, master-classes, trainings, refresher courses, trainings for teachers and students and other people at College;
  • training centre of the international probation and tourism "Let's travel!" offers the sightseeing tours; departure of students, teachers, employees as well as employees for internships abroad in the industrial sphere.



Besides other advantages, ICEST is located in a picturesque place of the Eastern-Siberian region. Irkutsk, near lake Baikal, which is the purest and deepest lake on the planet. The local population and the population of Russia is traditionally call it Baikal sea. The lake and the coastal area have a unique variety of flora and fauna (more 3630 species), most species are endemic. The age of Baikal is about 25 million years. The depth of the lake is 1637 m; a number of Islands is 26; the largest island is Olkhon. 336 rivers flow in Baikal, but only one flows out – it is Angara.


Irkutsk region is the center of Eastern Siberia. Irkutsk is Mecca for tourists. It has a large resourceful, intellectual and cultural potential with the fact that tourism is one of the main educational areas of ICEST, all these things suppose unlimited opportunities for the international partnership.

From 2012 in ICEST has been running the international project "Common educational space. Modern landmarks of academic mobility", which supposes the development of international cooperation with high schools and colleges in South Korea, China, Japan, Mongolia and France in directions of spheres of service and tourism. In April 2012 ICEST signed the contract for the international cooperation with the College of industrial and fine arts of Rajiv Gandhi (Ulan-Bator, Mongolia). From September 2012 ICEST has been cooperating with Chansang vocational school (Chansang, China). In March 2013 the first international competition of hairdressers ' art "New style. Baikal-2013" was the aim of competition was to develop cooperation with regional and foreign educational organizations. In March 2014 employees of primary and secondary vocational education visited an international seminar "The vocational education in France". Also the participants visited several professional exhibitions, institutions, colleges.


Nowadays ICEST invites prospective business partners international cooperation and networking in order to:
  • exchange the best teaching experience for development of tolerance and friendship between people;
  • studying culture and traditions of different countries.
These aims are waited to achieve in following forms of interaction:
  • the exchange of students and pedagogical employees;
  • contests of professional skills;
  • training courses;
  • trainings;
  • webinars;
  • forums and so on.


ICEST invite to cooperation!